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»ГОСУДАРСТВЕННАЯ ПОЛИГРАФИЧЕСКАЯ КОМПАНИЯ ПЕЧАТИ ЦЕННЫХ БУМАГ«, государственное предприятие – контактная информация.

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By filling in and sending the “Inquiry” form, including the provided appendices as a subject of personal data, you are voluntarily granting STÁTNÍ TISKÁRNĚ CENIN (STATE PRINTING WORKS OF SECURITIES), State Enterprise, Address: Prague 1, Růžová 943/6, Postal code: 110 00, ID: 00001279, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Department ALX, File 296, as the personal data administrator (hereinafter only referred to as the “Administrator”), pursuant to Act No. 101/2000Coll., on the protection of personal data and the amendment of some acts, as amended, consent to process your personal data, within the scope of the data provided in the form and in the documents you have attached. This consent is provided for the purpose of responding to questions, providing a price quotation and for entering into business cases for the period necessary to ensure the above stated purpose. Once a party terminates communication, the personal data will be deleted. By expressing your consent to process your personal information, you are hereby declaring that you have been informed of your rights and your right to access the personal data. You are aware of the fact that this consent is voluntary and you are entitled to revoke it at any time or you can ask the Administrator for an explanation if you are convinced that your personal data was processed in contradiction with the protection of your privacy and personal life, or in contradiction with the law, and request that such serious state be removed.