STC the Only EU-Authorised System to Certify the Authenticity and Source of Tobacco Products

Based on Government Resolution no 671 of 17 October 2018, the State Printing Works of Securities, state enterprise, was appointed the publisher of a unique identifier in accordance with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/574 on technical standards for the establishment and operation of a traceability system for tobacco products. In connection to the appointment, the State Printing Works of Securities was given on 9 November 2018 its unique identifier publisher code, making it the first officially appointed publisher of the unique identifier in the European Union.

Digital product identification consists of the application of a digital code to the product packaging in the course of its production. The digital code is unique for the product and contains anti-forgery security measures. The consumer or inspection authority have the ability to use that digital code to track a product’s path through the supply chain (eg place and time of manufacturing, country of destination, transport route, first retailer, etc).


  • improve consumer information about product authenticity and origin
  • reduce black market sales through improved product identification, production amount monitoring, inspection of product movements throughout the supply chain

In combination with the Track&Trace system, the digital identification guarantees:

  • proper origin and quality of products for domestic and foreign customers and consumers;
  • increased product protection and additional difficulties for forgers;
  • improved inspection of product movement on target markets;
  • easier downloading of information about sales of specific products;
  • access to publicly available services for product origin and quality verification.

STC continues to provide comprehensive services in the area of securities and non-securities printing production. We monitor current market trends and constantly innovate our existing products and develop new ones. Track&Trace is one of them.