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Hand-in-hand with the gradual progress towards the state issued documents having the form of a plastic card, in 2005 SPWS built a plant manufacturing the said cards. At present, this plant is one of the key operations, producing semi-finished IDs and supplying them to the ID personalisation centre. The remaining SPWS production capacity is used in commercial contracting.

The plastic cards production at SPWS is characterised by high-quality processing craftsmanship and a high level of security in all the stages of production. We can offer cards made of various materials, smart cards (ICC) with contact or contactless chips, with a wide range of security features in both the used materials as well as the design. We provide our customers with complete services from the graphic design through to the production of cards and their personalisation, up to the delivery of the cards to the specified destination.

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Banknotes, documents, securities, plastic cards, other security printed materials.