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Since 1928 the printing of banknotes has been a special part of the production here at SPWS. We are also proud to have received quite a few prestigious international awards in this area. When a new line of banknotes undergoes the preparation process, we cooperate with both the client and the author of the design, and we specifically discuss the transfer of the artistic design into the security printing design. The banknote design preparations are worked on utilising software developed exclusively for security printing businesses.

When producing banknotes, great emphasis is placed on the security features so that the highest possible effective levels of protection and prevention of forgery or counterfeiting can be reached. We employ the latest knowledge and inventions from security printing trends. When it comes to banknotes production, SPWS, with the quality levels it is able to produce, ranks among the world top class, whilst our services are also available to other countries.

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Banknotes, documents, securities, plastic cards, other security printed materials.