Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p. is a legal entity engaged in business activities with state property in its own name and on its own responsibility, which is entitled to manage this property. SPWS is not liable for government obligations and the government is not liable for obligations of SPWS, unless otherwise stipulated by law.
Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p. has been assigned:

  1. Reg. No. 00001279
  2. VAT No. CZ00001279


The main objectives of Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p.:

  • Preparation and printing of banknotes, security printed items, securities, government documents and important government forms that require protection against misuse;
  • It may prepare and print banknotes, documents, papers, and other security printed items for foreign countries, utilising its available capacities, subject to compliance with professional competence and appropriate certificates and approvals;
  • If the plant and its production and operating conditions permit, it also produces, through additional production, other printed products, especially for the organisations of the financial and credit system;
  • Rentals of real estate, flats, and non-residential facilities.

Its business activities further include:

  • Manufacture, trade, and services not specified in Annexes 1 through 3 of the Trade Licensing Act;
  • Publishing, printing production, bookbinding and copying operations;
  • Manufacture of plastic and rubber products;
  • Brokering of trade and services;
  • Wholesale and retail;
  • Accommodation services;
  • Providing of software, consulting in information technology, data processing, hosting and related activities, and web portals;
  • Lease and borrowing of movables;
  • Advisory and consulting activities, processing of specialised studies and expert opinions;
  • Services in the field of administrative management and services of an organisational and economic nature;
  • Extracurricular education, holding of courses, training sessions, including lecturing;
  • Production, trade, and services not included elsewhere.