We are a company with a long tradition and modern visions. It offers its customers the production of products with valuable protective elements in an operation equipped with the most modern technologies and safety systems. We focus on providing digital services and their further development and evolution. We want to be a long-term, strong and stable partner for customers from the state and commercial spheres in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.


  • To become the leader of the technology group which is a respected supplier in the field of printing production from graphic design, typography, printing preparation, and printing itself up to delivery of the order to its destination.
  • To provide quality and comprehensive digital services, continue to develop them and come up with new visions in this area.
  • To be a competitive and sought-after supplier of comprehensive services and technologically advanced products.
  • To provide a broad range of printing services in order to satisfy both individual and complex requirements of our customers.
  • To keep enhancing the satisfaction of customers with our products and services in the long run.
  • To support proprietary research and development resulting in innovative products.
  • To create an inspiring environment for our employees where they would feel supported in their personal development and the results of their work would be appreciated.
  • To be socially responsible and an environmentally friendly company.

Greatest value added in cooperation with us

  • We focus on state-of-the-art technology and advanced technology solutions tailor-made for individual customers.
  • Today, the printer offers its customers comprehensive services in the field of polygraphic production and digital services.
  • We are a team of qualified and experienced professionals.
  • We provide comprehensive consulting services with a personal approach based on years of experience and understanding of customer needs.
  • We offer traditional as well as innovative products and services.
  • We are competitive, and our offer is always created to match the individual needs of our customers.
  • We only cooperate with reliable and proven suppliers.
  • We respect the environment and continually focus on its protection.


The history of the establishment of State printing Works of Securities, s. e., is linked to the foundation of the independent Czechoslovak state, the need for its own currency system and ensuring the production of banknotes. The interest of the state was to secure its comprehensive production of Czechoslovak paper money at a top level in its domestic printing works. The newly created National Bank of Czechoslovakia started production in its new banknote printing works in January 1928. Nowadays, the printing works offers its customers complete services in the field of printing production from graphic design, typography, printing preparation, and printing itself, up to delivery of the order to its destination. Its main products include banknotes, documents, securities, other security printed materials, plastic cards, and non-security printed products. The entire process meets the requirements for a high degree of protection against abuse, and great emphasis is placed on minimising the risks associated with the breach of security policy.


Beginning of the operation of the printing works under the National Bank of Czechoslovakia.


An award at the International Exposition of Art and Technology in Modern Life in Paris for the design of the CZK 1,000 banknote.


Founding of the National Bank of Czechoslovakia with an authorisation to print payment instruments in its own printing works.


Setting up of STATE PRINTING WORKS OF SECURITIES, state enterprise , to produce banknotes, security printed items and important government forms.


Intensifying export activities.


Extension of the product portfolio to include travel documents, meal vouchers, traveller’s cheques, traffic tickets, small lotteries, etc.


Awarding of the CZK 20 banknote with the portrait of John Amos Comenius for its artistic merit. The printing works was modernised extensively in connection with the preparation of a new issue of banknotes.


Beginning of production of biometric travel documents.


Awarding of the CZK 1,000 banknote boasting innovative security features as the banknote of the year.


Beginning of ID Cards production in ID1 format.


90th anniversary of STATE PRINTING WORKS OF SECURITIES, state enterprise.


Certification ISO 14298:2013 – Management of security printing processes.
2nd generation of digital tachographsSuccessful start of the Track & Trace project concerning tobacco products.


Establishment of new Digital Services Department.
Development of the digital projects (Track&TraceeID and software for print scratch cards.


The new ID cards contain a contactless chip which stores the holder′s biometric data,
i.ean image of the holder′s  face and fingerprints, just like passports.


STC combines traditional value printing and
proprietary software solutions for this high-security product.


95th anniversary of Stae Printing Works of Securities, s. e.
STC changes its visual style.