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STÁTNÍ TISKÁRNA CENIN, state enterprise (STC) offers production of premium quality scratch cards. The production technology of these lottery tickets is based on the combination of sheet printing using offset printing, digital printing, screen printing and subsequent finishing processing. The actual production process may vary depending on the customer’s requirements, the selected ticket design, or depending on the type of game. The scratch card production technology at STC has been verified by a forensic expert specialising in scratch cards field.

STC has developed its own unique software solution for generating print materials. In addition to generating game symbols, validation and other codes, it ensures the generation of control mechanisms, which are then used by the system to control and manage the entire production process. We also support the generation of materials for mobile and internet applications of scratch cards.

Printed products with a scratch layer may also be used for funding of charity events, funding of cultural heritage preservation projects and other similar projects. The proceeds from their sale may be used for the support of public benefit projects of national or regional significance.

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