Digital tachograph

STC carries out important projects for the state as a comprehensive turnkey service. It ensures the role of a system integrator, where part of the services is provided directly (production and personalisation of documents) and other services are carried out through suppliers (implementation, operation or support of specific information systems and certification authorities).

The digital tachograph project has been implemented by STC for the Ministry of Transport since March 2018 and it comprises two basic areas. These include the production and personalisation of memory cards, which are used in the digital tachograph system of the Czech Republic. We produce four types of cards:

  • driver cards,
  • workshop cards,
  • company cards, and
  • control cards.

The other area of the project is the provision of services for the operation, support and development of the digital tachograph information system, which is classified as an important public administration information system. It is operated as a web service and is used for the support of the issuance of memory cards and for control authorities. The provided services also include support for system users. The operation and support services of the information system are provided through a strategic partner and STC fulfils the role of a system integrator in this area.

The project’s advantage is the comprehensiveness and efficiency of the service. The central personalisation of documents in the drivers’ agenda and their distribution through the Centre for Road Transport Services, a contributory organisation of the Ministry of Transport, forms a comprehensive single place system bringing time and financial savings.

The main topics of the near future include both the eGovernment agenda development aimed at improving services towards the citizen and the increasing of road safety.