STATE PRINTING WORKS OF SECURITIES, state enterprise prints securities in accordance with valid legal regulations, applying a one-to-one approach in meeting requirements of individual issuers in terms of graphic design processing.

Securities include, in particular, shares, bonds, debentures, participation certificates, certificates of deposit, and government bonds. All of the above listed securities are secured against forgery or counterfeiting by the graphical processing, usage of security features in the paper and of special security printing inks.

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Related products


Since 1928, the printing of banknotes has been a special part of the production here at STC. We are also proud to have received quite a few prestigious international awards in this area.

Other security printed items

We design and produce conventional types of security printed items in paper form as well as in the form of ID-1 type plastic cards with a personalisation option.

Scratch cards

We offer games with scratch fields with a high degree of security in small and large series. Our scratch card production technology has been verified by a forensic expert.

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