‘Project 24+5’ Wins Special Award

Egovernment Magazine has organised the 13th annual competition aimed at presenting the most interesting projects in the electronisation of public administration in the CR. At the awarding ceremony, held in the Municipal House on 19 November 2018 under the auspices of Ing Vladimír Dzurilla, Proxy for IT and Digitisation, the Ministry of the Interior won an award in the ‘Special Awards’ category for ‘Project 24+5’ (reduced times for issuance of personal documents to citizens), the implementation of which involved the State Printing Works of Securities.

The objective of the project was to improve services provided by the public administration to citizens by giving them the opportunity to obtain a full personal ID card or passport in a reduced time, namely within five business days or by midnight of a business day. The project should resolve situations where a citizen urgently needs to have their personal documents sooner than the mandatory 30-day issuance period (eg urgent travel abroad, signing of contracts, proof of identity in official transactions, etc).

We were very pleased by the award, which has encouraged us to continue developing and successfully producing our products and services and implementing them without trouble.

In 2017, the State Printing Works of Securities manufactured 850 thousand passports, including 25 thousand in the Lightning Speed mode. That same year, we manufactured 1.5 million citizen ID cards and 900 thousand driving licences, including 100 thousand in the Lightning Speed mode. Personal documents make up a significant portion of the STC’s entire production (65%).