Offset printing is a type of surface printing technique where the printing and non-printing surfaces are at the same height level in contrast to all the other types of printing techniques. Offset press is an indirect printing method in which the ink from the printing form is transferred from the plate to the printing surface via another cylinder (roller). Currently, it is generally the most common and main stream printing technology used. SPWS offers its capacities in using the offset printing technology also in security printing, e.g. during the so-called Iris printing (smooth transition of different shades of colours into each other), applying an array of light-proof, scratch resistant and assorted special security printing inks. Thanks to those, the offset printing at SPWS is suitable for ensuring security of a wide range of security printed items.

We at SPWS perform the conventional offset printing (offset with dampening solutions) as well as the waterless or dry offset techniques. Thanks to this combination we are able to print not only the classic paper material but also polycarbonate (PC) or PVC foils with print of the highest quality.

Because of the effect of the so-called iris wipe together with the wide spectrum of security printing inks, the offset techniques represent the most accessible and also most prevalent methods of security printing.