Intaglio is a printmaking technique based on the principle of printing from incised lines or sunken areas. The printing plates carry a relief form whilst the printed elements are incised by this matrix into the material under the level of non-printing elements – a process exactly the opposite to the one used in letterpress (relief) printing. SPWS is also able to render printing services utilising artisan printmaking techniques of etching and engraving (copper or steel prints) which can be included in the intaglio family. After the printing areas (incisions or grooves) are filled up with very thick ink, very high pressures and temperatures are applied in transferring the ink onto the printed material, usually paper. Intaglio printmaking, sometimes also called line engraving, is used in reproductions of engravings and print elements comprising very fine lines. Thanks to a very thick layer of the ink identifiable by touch it represents one of the most important security features in protecting the security printed materials.

For its production costs and overall financial expenses, namely linked with the preparations of the printing forms, the intaglio printing technology process is used in production of banknotes, government documents, and printed matters with high demands on security and protection against forgery or counterfeiting.