STC is able to combine the latest technologies and procedures of commercial companies with the stability and background of a state-owned enterprise. As a result, on the basis of Decree of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 671 of 17 October 2018, we were appointed the public issuer of the unique identifiers for tobacco products for the Czech Republic within the meaning of Article 3 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/574 of 15 December 2017 on technical standards for the establishment and operation of a traceability system for tobacco products.

In the autumn of 2018, we were appointed the Issuer for the Czech Republic and launched the Track and Trace system for all tobacco products sold in the Czech Republic six months later, in the spring of 2019, as one of the first in Europe. After the official launch on 20 May 2019, we even helped to issue codes to other countries where the project failed to start according to the planned schedule.

We currently operate this labelling system for tobacco production, but its use for other products or industry sectors is quite possible, from meat to fertilisers to explosives or pharmaceuticals.

The point is that one central authority distributes the registration codes to all entities involved in production, distribution, storage and sale. This authority then generates unique codes that are applied by manufacturers and importers to the products. The whole system is closed by notifying the central repository of the movement of these products by each link in the process (e.g. I, manufacturer 123, want to produce this product, I ask for a code for it; then I, manufacturer 123, handed over the products with codes 1 and 2 to distributor 456; the distributor reports, I, 456, handed over the product to 1 seller 789). As a result, whenever you load the code of a given product (barcode, DOT code, QR code), you can use a query to the central repository to learn the complete CV of the product (when and by whom it was produced, where it was transported, how it was stored…).

Why use Track and Trace also for other commodities?

  • the system provides protection for the final consumer
  • customers’ confidence in the brand, manufacturer or supplier increases
  • the system provides protection of the market and the state (prevents circumvention of laws, collection of customs and excise duties, etc.)
  • a substantial part of the product life cycle is conclusive and easily traceable

The customer has the opportunity to check the CV of the purchased goods at any time and ascertain that it is really a proper and safe product.