State Printing Works
of Securities

We are a company with a long-standing tradition offering our customers the production of aesthetic and high quality securities in a facility equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and security systems. In addition to securities polygraphic products, we provide digital services in the areas of document personalisation, digital tachograph and Track&Trace – tracking of tobacco products. We are constantly expanding our digital services and are continuously working on the development and evolution of this discipline. Thanks to the possibility of combining polygraphic securities products with digital services, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers. With this approach, we try to adapt to current trends and market needs. We want to be a long-term, strong and stable partner for customers in both the state and commercial sectors in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We offer

Polygraphic products

Banknote printing, for which we have received several prestigious international awards, has been a special part of the production here at STC since 1928. Over the years of the company’s existence, the product portfolio has significantly expanded to include other security prints and products. These are mainly documents, plastic cards and other securities such as stocks, government bonds, alcohol strip stamps and tobacco tax stamps, vouchers, certificates, commemorative certificates in the form of banknotes and so on. Our product range now includes the production of lottery scratch tickets, in the production of which we combine our knowledge and experience in polygraphic securities printing and digital services. All of this takes place in a facility equipped with the latest technologies and ISO security systems, including ISO 14298 – Management of security printing processes.


Digital services

As part of STC’s strategic direction, the importance of digitalisation and provision of digital services is increasing. Currently within the production of identity documents we provide, in addition to the complex production part, also the implementation of related IT systems for electronic data collection, the acquisition of applications, their central processing, personalisation and subsequent issuance of documents at the competent authorities. Since 2018 we have provided purely digital services, namely Track&Trace – tracking the movement of tobacco products, Digital Tachograph Generation II. We are intensively developing new digital projects, eDokladovka – digital twins of documents on mobile phones, Track&Trace for other commodities and Authentication of securities and products using neural networks. This approach not only allows us to keep up with technological development, but also opens up new opportunities for expanding our offer of services. Working on new digital projects also allows us to anticipate future customer needs and provide innovative and relevant solutions.




    In cooperation with the National Museum of Agriculture, we have prepared an exhibition called “THE LANSCAPE ON THE BANKNOTES”.

  • The invitation to the Collector’s Fair

    Don’t miss the offer of a new commemorative banknote with Hana Zagorová’s portrait on STC e-shop.

  • STC produces upgraded cards for digital tachograph

    After four years, the State Printing Work of Securities has launched the production and personalisation of a new version of cards for 2nd generation digital tachographs (G2V2).

  • Hana Zagorová Commemorative Banknote

    Don’t miss the offer of a new commemorative banknote with Hana Zagorová’s portrait on STC e-shop.

  • STC launches a new website

    Welcome to our new company website. We hope that you will easily find all necessary information here.

  • The CNB issues a CZK 1,000 anniversary banknote with an additional print of a stamp

    The CNB will issue a new CZK 1,000 banknote with an additional print in the form of a banknote stamp and an anniversary logo to mark 30 years since the start of the successful of the Czech-Slovak currency separation. This banknote could not have been printed anywhere but in our company, the State Printing Works of Securities.

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Our security prints are published in limited editions and are only available in our e-shop. We only sell originals. Are you a collector, a numismatist or just looking for a unique gift for your loved ones or business partners? Follow our offer, which we constantly expand.