Discover the hidden beauty of agricultural motifs and landscapes on Czech and Czechoslovak treasury notes and banknotes with us. The calendar shows the influence of man on the landscape and agriculture from the time of the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia to the 1990s.

This bilingual calendar (CZ, EN) displays a detail of the selected currency for each month. January – fifty-crown from 1931, February – hundred-crown from 1932, March – thousand-crown from 1919, April – thousand-crown from 1935, May – fifty-crown from 1945, June – five thousand-crown from 1945, July – thousand-crown from 1945, August – twenty-crown from 1949, September – ten-crown from 1960, October – hundred-crown from 1961, November – twenty-crown from 1988, December – thousand-crown from 1996.

Buy a gift for yourself or your loved ones. The limited edition calendar with just 50 production copies is available exclusively from the STC e-shop.

The sale of the calendar starts on 15  November 2023.  The expected price is CZK 495 including VAT.


More about the project:

In 2023, the State Printing House of Valuables prepared a travelling exhibition called Landscape on banknotes, which opened in September at the Prague branch of the National Museum of Agriculture. The calendar, which is based on this exhibition, presents selected Czechoslovak and Czech banknotes that show the influence of man on the landscape and agriculture. The calendar will illustrate how the design of banknotes changed from the time of the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia to the 1990s. Through contemporary symbolism, often represented by agrarian, folkloric or floral scenes, the banknotes not only represent political and cultural events that shaped our country, but also the importance and role of agriculture at the time. Prominent artists such as Alphonse Mucha, Max Švabinský, Albín Brunovský and Oldřich Kulhánek helped to create these banknotes. We firmly believe that this calendar comprising portraits of important designers of treasury notes and banknotes will bring you joy throughout the year.