The commemorative Ninety Crown Note is finally on sale

The commemorative Ninety Crown Note is finally on sale

Dear website visitors, collectors and lovers of commemorative banknotes,

We are glad to inform you of the unique opportunity to purchase our commemorative certificate in the form of a banknote, which we have issued to mark the 90th anniversary of the start of the operations of the State Printing Works of Securities (Státní tiskárna cenin).

The commemorative banknote reflects one of the significant periods of the printing works, the period of cooperation with academic painter prof. Max Švabinský, who memorably influenced the prestige of Czech banknotes. Our new Ninety Crown Note, apart from the portrait of prof. Švabinský, also features his favourite theme of butterflies and the original design of the Czechoslovak 1,000-crown note from 1934, which won a prestigious award at the international art and technology expo in Paris in 1937. This commemorative certificate also draws attention to technological progress in the field of banknote production, where traditional Czech engraving is combined with digital technology.

On the commemorative certificate, we at the same time present the latest trends in the field of security elements applicable to protection against forging of banknotes, documents and other securities. For example, the SPARK-live security element with a two-colour application of a protective feature, which is used for the first time in the world on our Ninety Crown Note. Also worth a mention is the VARIFEYE ColourChange foil; this is a security feature with an effective transparent effect in the shape of a golden metallic butterfly. Other features located on the band of the foil together with the VARIFEYE butterfly are formed by silver hologram elements and micro-mirror technology for maximum security. A further element is GALAXY – security thread, a positioned protective element, which combines the protection of the print against changing of the image and colours. Changes to the image of MAX/STC and green/blue colourfulness occur simultaneously when the feature is tilted. At the same time, a slight spatial effect can also be observed. The GALAXY element is part of the window metallic band, which is formed by the design of silver relief butterflies and passes through the entire width of the banknote. The so-called tilting effect protection element uses the relief features of the intaglio printing technology. When viewed from the front, the feature blends with the surrounding surface of the design. When tilted against light that impacts the structure of the lines, the hidden element is visible. A big point of interest is the sculpture of the face girl Republic formed by coherently modulated micro text. You can reveal the story of Max Švabinský that is hidden here only using a magnifying glass. The commemorative certificate contains a total of 36 protective elements detected only by the naked eye or laboratory methods and resources. STC thus confirms that it ranks among the world leaders in the field.

The commemorative certificate in the form of a banknote can be purchased from the Czech Mint stores in Prague, Brno and Jablonec nad Nisou. The planned sales start date is 1st June 2018.

More information about the price, distribution and delivery periods is available from the Czech Mint Stores.