Hana Zagorová Commemorative Banknote

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We kept busy in the STC during summer and designed a commemorative banknote with a portrait of Hana Zagorová for VDN Promo, which issues this commemorative banknote to commemorate the departure of this phenomenal Czech singer to artistic heaven on 26 August 2022. Collectors and fans of this successful and popular singer can already look forward to a truly successful, professionally processed collector’s piece.

The author of Hana Zagorová’s portrait on the commemorative banknote is none other than Václav Fajt, with whom the VDN Promo agency has collaborated in the past, for example, on the successful commemorative banknote with a portrait of Jan Koller. The design of the commemorative banknote was prepared by Michal Šindelář, graphic designer of the STC.

The commemorative banknote was printed on watermarked paper with protective fibres (visible fibres, invisible fibres – luminous under UV light). Protective elements include guilloches printed by offset, price raster, iris gradients, offset printing with luminous UV light inks and printing with invisible luminous UV light inks, numbering with luminous red and black UV light ink by letterpress technique, portrait by intaglio technique. The lyrics of Hana Zagorová’s songs are visible in the microtext. The CD motif was applied by hot embossing – in gold foil. The depicted ‘face value’ of the commemorative banknote reminds us of the age at which Hana Zagorová left us.

You can buy a commemorative banknote with Hana Zagorová’s portrait in the STC e-shop or on the official website of the VDN Promo agency, www.HANKAzagorova.cz  


Technical specification of the commemorative certified banknote:

Author of the portrait drawing: Václav Fajt
Design: Michal Šindelář
Printing: Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p.
Vydává: VDN Promo, s.r.o.
Date of the issue: 26. 8. 2023
Total cost: 10,000 pieces, series H, A, N, K, A, each series contains 2,000 pieces

On the STC e-shop, you can purchase the H A N K A series with numbering, 0151-0170 from each series 

Start of sales 24 August 2023.

About Hana Zagorová

Hana Zagorová was born on 6 September 1946 in Petřkovice, Ostrava.  At the age of six she began to learn the piano and at the age of eleven wrote her first play. However, she has gained an audience mainly thanks to her singing career. She quickly became one of the most important singers on the Czechoslovak music scene and, to this day, rightfully holds the title of the best-selling Czech singer of all time. Her voice was specific and unmistakable. Its uniqueness is confirmed by the nine Golden Nightingales awards that Hana Zagorová has won. She was not only an exceptional singer, but also a woman with a big heart and a proud patriot. In June 1989 she signed the petition of the Charter 77 movement and was not allowed to speak publicly until the fall of the communist regime. During her long and hugely successful career she achieved numerous awards. She etched her mark into the memory of her fans with a large number of widely popular hits. Her persona, affability and positive nature are also connected with a widespread catchphrase in Czech show business: “Don’t be a Zagorka”. Hana Zagorová died in Prague on 26 August 2022.

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