Collectors of commemorative banknotes can rejoice


The news server reported that the Czech National Bank (ČNB) will get the opportunity to issue commemorative banknotes and business coins in addition to commemorative coins. This is counted on in the amendment to the Czech National Bank Act and related acts, which was supported by the Chamber of Deputies in the first round. The commemorative banknotes issued in this manner are only intended for collection purposes.

“The commemorative banknotes could be issued, for instance, to mark the anniversaries of significant national history events. With regard to the current mode of issue of commemorative coins, it can be assumed that even the issue of commemorative banknotes could contribute to the increase of awareness of national history and significance of the Czech and Czechoslovak Crown as the Czech currency,” the Government states in the amendment bill.

The central bank should also newly acquire the exclusive right to emit business coins – Czech ducats. They are not legal tender and do not have any nominal value. According to the material, emission of business coins at the same time represents continuation of the more than on hundred year tradition of issuing business coins in the territory of the Czech Republic. The Government in this connection suggests repealing the Act of 1976 on minting of the Czechoslovak ducats. According to the Government, this Act no longer reflects the current situation where the emission of coins is entrusted exclusively to the Czech National Bank. It shall also specify the provisions on production of commemorative coins such that it will be possible to produce them only from precious metals.